Packing, unpacking and repacking

Here we are in countdown mode.  We fly July 11th so we need to get into gear.  Before we get to far in, a bit about us.  There are 3 of us traveling together.  Between mom, dad and myself we have over 900 days sailing, all on Holland America.  W e share a cabin and pretty much have a routine down.  Dad claims that at 82 this is his last ‘big’ cruise.   We will see!

Mom has done her prepacking.  I have it all at my house.  For some reason she expects to be gone for 6 months, not 35 days.  By the time they get to my house on Tuesday, I will have it all laid out on the dining room table.  Not all of her clothes will make the trip.  She is fun to pack with.  She has some items that ‘have to make the trip’ because she always takes them.  She does not wear them, just takes them.  I think they are like a security blanket for her!

All of the research is done.  I have been working diligently to figure out what we will be doing at each port.   There are some good port searches out there.  I have some walking maps, bus routes for free buses, and of course found all the Tim Hortons and bakeries for each port.  Dad is hoping to find the fish and chips restaurant in Invergordon.  We have booked 3 tours.  I have two private tours booked in Amsterdam and Reykjavik.  We have a ship tour in Lerwick, Shetland Islands.

I think we can get all in 3 suitcases and a duffle bag.  Shoes and coats seem the be the heaviest this trip.  Soon we will be at the cram it all in and get out the scale stage.





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