Leaving on a Jet Plane

Travel Day  July 11, 2014

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go…leaving on a jet plane.  Taxi to airport about 10:30am for a 12:50 flight.  No one in line so luggage drop was quick.  Security was a breeze for me.  They put me through the TSA precert line.  (No I am not registered) The lady called me over, scanned my boarding pass the let me through a gate.  I did not have to take off shoes or go through a scanner.  Just chatted with the guy making small talk.  Mom and dad had to go through the regular way.  Quite  a circus.  Dad walked through the scanner with his phone in his hand.  That raised a ruckus and had to rescan it.  Finally through and waited for our flight.  It was on time.  Got to Boston about 20 minutes early.

Caught our shuttle to the Hampton.  Nice hotel.  Seems that all of the Jet Blue personnel stay here.  Checked in and then took the shuttle to Target for our water and diet coke.  We got sidetracked at the Stop and Shop which is an amazing store here.  Nothing like we expected.  We did make a purchase in the Bakery department.  Yummmmmm.

After coming back to the room we found that something in the duffel bag leaked all over the place.  Mom and I spent the next hour washing out all of the contents and the bag.  What a mess.  It is now all over the bathroom.  Tomorrow we will have to repack 2 bags. 

It is close to ten now and we are ready to hit the hay.   Night from Boston.


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