Finally on the ship…

July 12, 2014 Embarkation Day  

Mostly Sunny, 80 degrees  Sunset 8:26 pm

Up about 7:30 and what a night of sleeping.  We were all pretty tired and I ended up sleeping with Yogi and Boo.  They were sleepy snoring bears.  Hope they get it out of their system now. 

Breakfast was very good and lots of seating.  The Hampton Boston Airport is a great place to stay.We caught our shuttle at about 9:45 am.  They charge $10.00 per person.  There were 10 of us on the shuttle with enough luggage for 15!

We got to the port about 10:15am and headed right through security.  No lines at all.  Right through the 4 star check line.  This is one of those sailings where they keep your passports.  It is strange to walk off without it.  We went over to sit with the other 4 and 5 star mariners.  About 11:45  we boarded and found our home away from home for the next 35 days.

First point of business was the library to grab some of the large print books.  Then it was off to lunch.  We shared a table with Mickey and Neal from Florida.  Turns out we were both Cruise Critic Members.  Lunch was very nice and we had some great conversations.  Dad and I were looking forward to the fried chicken they serve for the first returning mariner lunch.  Only they did not have it on the menu so we settled for the fish.  Wow, turned out to be some of the best fish we have had with an avocado cream sauce.  Fresh fruit tartlets were for dessert except for mom.  She could not find anything she liked.  I talked her into trying the Biscotti Ice Cream, mainly so I could try a bite.  Thank goodness I took the first bite because once she tasted it, she inhaled it.  It was light almond ice cream with small chocolate coved almonds and very small pieces of biscotti.  Absolutely wonderful.

Luggage was in the cabin after lunch and we unpacked.  It did not take too long since we did pack much light.  Next up, it was time for the muster drill.  It seemed to take forever but finally all parties were accounted for.

Sail away was delayed about a half hour waiting for the last 4 passengers.  Turns out 2 of them arrived with no luggage.  Their luggage should catch up to them on Tuesday at our first port.  We sat outside on the back deck and watched the planes land as we left.   Two of them seemed to buzz the ship.

Stooped at the casino before dinner for the free slot pull and won nothing.  Stayed to play on and hit a good payout.  I should quit now since I am ahead of the game.

Dinner was seared scallops, baked potato soup, prime rib, balsamic strawberries and of course lots of fresh baked rolls.  Mom had Haddock for dinner and thought it is was a good as the lunch fish she ate.  She of course had a hot fudge sundae for dessert.

We did manage to catch the show.  It was one that introduced all of the ships performers.  Looks like some good talent and good shows are in store for us.

Time to rock ourselves into a good nights sleep.


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