Relaxing Sea Day

July 13, 2014    Sea Day

Mostly Sunny 73 degrees 8:55 Sunset 

Sunday morning up about 8:00.  We are missing that extra hour of sleep.  Mom and I headed to breakfast.  Of course it was the usual…omelet, raisin toast, ham and potato patty.  They also have some of the sweetest strawberries on this ship.  They are red through and through.  They are so ripe that I can’t imagine they will last too long.

Hit the casino this morning to try out a couple of the new machines.  Didn’t win anything but got to play a long time and had fun with some bonuses.

We had our cruise critic meet and greet today.  What a great turnout.  We had lots of members show up.  The ship provided canapés, champagne and mimosas.  Our special guests included the Captain, Hotel Mgr,  1st Officer, Safety Officer, The Executive Chef, Events Manager,  Cruise Director and a couple of more.  They all mingled and chatted after introductions.  There was a special guest appearance made by some whales.  They were crossing in front of the ship.  Whoever was driving made an abrupt right turn followed by an announcement.  The ship listed a bit from the quick turn.  (This caught the Captains attention very quickly).  The whale sailed on past us.  Great morning.

Today was lunch in the main dining room.  I had beef with poutine fries (fries with shredded cheese on them) and brussel sprouts.  I love brussel sprouts and these had grainy mustard and pecans on them.  It was carrot cake day so lunch was a homerun.  Mom and dad both had the maple glazed fish.  The theme was Canada day.

After lunch I heard the casino calling me.  I was lucky enough to hit a $40 and a$171 dollar bonus.  I cashed out and brought it home with me.  If I leave it on the card I will blow $10 here and $10 there.

It was a very lazy afternoon that included a nap in the warm lido pool area.  Tonight is formal night and the Captains toast.  Dinner was great.  Mom and I had crab cakes and grits.  (Yes Russ you mother ordered grits and ate them all).  Dad had lamb.  Said it was the best on a HAL ship.  Chocolate soufflé for dessert. 

Cast show was very good.  We have a talented cast, that’s for sure.  They all have some Broadway experience and you can tell.  Ours is a 10pm show so back to the cabin afterwards.  Sleepy time.

Wanted to read but to tired to worry about it.  Good night and pleasant dreams.


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