Wine Tasting Napping Sea Day

July 14, 2014  Sea Day

Partly Cloudy  75 degrees  Sunset 9:24 pm

Great Sea day…up about 9am and off for an omelet breakfast.  They still have the reddest strawberries.  This was the first morning of many raisin rolls.  Oh my how we love them.  After breakfast it was time for a cooking demo.  It was maple glazed salmon and celeriac apple salad.  Looked good and the salad tasted good.

Lunch was light but they did have biscotti ice cream for dessert.  We all had some. Then mom was off to Dancing with the Stars.  Today was the waltz.  Dad and I went for the beginning but we had to leave at 1:50 so we could get to wine tasting at 2:30.  Today the clocks moved forward one half hour at 2:00PM.  So 2:00PM automatically became 2:30PM.  Bet that threw some people off.

The wine tasting was nice.  We had 4 good pours.  There were 2whites and 2 reds.  They had two from the Navigator package and two from the Admiral package.  All were very good.  Finished, came back to room and napped til 5:15PM.

Laundry came at 5:15 (that is what woke us up) and the lights were all out.  Mom told him to come in and lay it down.  He came in with 2 full baskets and some clothes on hangers.  Ours was only one of baskets, but it was full.  He set it down and set it right on moms stomach.  She hollered, he hollered and profusely apologized.  Dad and I laughed.  Poor feller, he did not see her.

Had to head up to the Lido about 5:30 to check out the dinner selection.  I check out the dining room menu and they had Crispy Pork Belly.  I had to check it out.  Looked like a giant slab of bacon.  I had them cut me a piece and brought it up to the room.  It was greasy, but tasted like really good pulled pork without the sauce.

Dinner was very good. I had seafood pot pie which was filled with shrimp, scallops and fish.  Mom and dad had short ribs and black pudding.  Black pudding is grits and black beans blended together with seasonings.  It was quite tasty.

No show tonight, instead it was the piano bar with Barry from Boston.  Great time and Carpenters and Abba.  We sang all of the songs from Momma Mia.  Casino for a bit, no winners and bed.

Heading to our first port tomorrow.  Good night from the MS Veendam.



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