Busy sea day

Sea Day   July 20, 2014

Cloudy 50 degrees  sunset  10:02

What a great night for sleeping.  We were at 8 on the Beaufort scale, rocking and rolling.  The Captain came on this morning to let us know outside decks were off limits, stay off the verandas, no high heels and we may rock all day.  Sea sick meds are at front desk and barf bags are out.  As I am writing this at noon the other two in the cabin are sound asleep napping.  The motion just relaxes you.

After our omelet breakfast with raisin toast, it was off for a store room and laundry room tour.  This was a free tour offered to all.  Very interesting.  We went through cold storage of dairy, eggs and juices, then colder storage of egg substitutes juices and milks, three day thawing room for meats and then the meat freezer, cold storage of fruits and vegetables, regular storage of canned goods and amazing spices, we pass the coffin room, and went through the floral cold room and ice cream freezer (if I only had a spoon), and of course the liquor and beverage area.

After the storage areas we went down to deck B to the laundry area.  First is the paper good room that looks like a Staples.  It holds all of the office supplies.  Next was the laundry area.  We saw where and how they sort our clothes, whites in hot and darks in cold.  We saw how they steam and press our clothes.  Next to sheets, wow that sheeter is big.  They place damp sheets into a machine that will steam dry, press and fold them.   Next we got to see the tailor shop (3 tailors working hard), the upholstery shop and the carpentry shop.  Pretty amazing what happens below deck.  Sure makes you appreciate it a lot more.

The Captain just gave his 12:50pm talk from the bridge.  The wind is dying down to a 3 but we will continue to feel the effects of last night’s storm as we sail through the straits of Denmark.  Time to head off to a cooking demo….cinnamon rolls.  Don’t want to miss those samples.

Cooking demo great and we each got a fresh made cinnamon roll. Then up to the Dive in for a hotdog.  Late lunch 2:00pm.  Rest of afternoon, pretty lazy.

Tonight is formal night and lobster is on the menu.  We have a comedian for our show tonight.  We lose another hour.  That makes 4 hours so far that we have lost.

Good night from the rocking and rolling MS Veendam.

Florist shop below deck

Florist shop below deck

Thawing room  turkeys ham and chicken

Thawing room turkeys ham and chicken

Look at the spices.  My favorite room

Look at the spices. My favorite room

He sorts and tags the laundry

He sorts and tags the laundry

Sheet machine ...dries and folds

Sheet machine …dries and folds

Loading damp sheets into folder

Loading damp sheets into folder

3 tailors in their little shop

3 tailors in their little shop


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