Cartwright, Labrador, Canada (Not Really)  July 17, 2014

Cloudy, 50 Degrees, Sunset 9:08 pm

Due to the ice flow and icebergs in the area, we could not make it from Red Bay to Cartwright in the time allotted and still make our first port in Greenland.  So we had an additional seaday.

Mom and I were up by 8:00am and off to breakfast.  The usual, omelet and raisin roll.  At 9:00am Good Morning Veendam was featuring the Captain to talk about the ice and cancelled port.  He was very interesting.  They are even cutting the Greenland stop by one hour in order to make Iceland a day and a half later.  We should be seeing some bergs!

At 11:00am we had a culinary class on crab cakes and panna cotta.  Our sample was the dessert, panna cotta.  Lunch was the Dive In of great hamburgers and fries.  This was a great addition for HAL.

Dad went to the movie Draft Day in the afternoon.  Mom and I did nothing important.  We jumped from 2:00pm to 2:30pm at two o’clock.  Another half hour gone.

That afternoon Barry from Boston did a cooking demo with a mystery box of ingredients.  He was fun to watch.  Nothing he asked for was included in the box.  We all had a good time.  He is a better piano player than a chef!  He did invite Chef Julio (who was watching) to come play the piano one night.

It was a formal night dinner but the program said casual. It was jumbo shrimp cocktails and corn and yellow squash chowder ( so good).   Mom and dad had lobster and I had trout as a main course.  I had never ordered trout before and I hope they have it again.  Dessert was a pumpkin chocolate cake with cranberries, nuts, and chocolate bits.  A taste of fall and heavenly.  I would like to get the recipe for this one but do not want to make it for 600 people!

The show, oh the show, how to explain it.  Bande Artistique…A couple from Montreal, she tries to song opera and he is the comedy relief around her who does not speak.  Definitely a one and done, would not go again.

Hit the casino and no one came out a winner.  Off to bed and a good nights sleep.


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