Happy Sea Say

Sea Day   July 18, 2014

Cloudy, 46 degrees  sunset 10:05 pm

Up about 9am and of course off to an omelet and raisin bun breakfast.  Lazy day, went to culinary class and it was Icelandic day.  Blaberjasupa and Beinlausir Fuglar also known as Blueberry soup and Boneless Birds were made.  Their blueberry soup is the same as I make my blueberry syrup, sugar, water and blueberries.  It really needed a creamy aspect to make it soup.  The Boneless Birds was normally made with horsemeat but ours was with beef.  It is basically a roulade with bacon in a mushroom pan gravy.

Lunch was buttermilk chicken tenders and fries with a chocolate cupcake.  Then it is off read, be lazy, nap by the pool and play a board game, Sequence.

Dinner was great, of course.  Beef Carpaccio, tomato Florentine soup and pork bucco (just like osso bucco but with pork shank).  Dessert was a devils food cake with on orange chocolate buttercream icing. Yum.

The show was Street Singin with just the guys.  It was really good.  Called it a night about 11pm, need to up by 8am tomorrow.  Sweet dreams from somewhere off of Greenland.


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