Amsterdam a day to rest

July 30, 2014 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sunny,  70 degrees Sunset 9:35 pm

This is our second day in the Netherlands and we used it as a rest day.  The terminal has great wi-fi.  Lots of us were down using it.  After getting all of my computer work done, I shopped a bit and headed back to ship about 1:00 pm.  At this time we needed our passports to get our Schein exit stamps.  What a line.  It was done in the terminal and some people on tours had to wait 45 minutes to get through.  Luckily we went early with no line.

Lifeboat drill was at 3:15.  One lady in her scooter was reading her book.  An Officer came by and asked her to put her book away and pay attention.  She said she could not hear him due to all the noise the Captain was making.  He asked her politely again.  She said she didn’t need to listen to that junk she had heard it 6 times before.  I really wish that instead of walking away he would of made a call and escorted her off the ship.

I think all people in scooters should have to take a rules of ship course and learn some polite manners.  Many of them assume you just get out of their way so they can go to the front of every line.  One lady has a horn and loves to honk it at people.  I told her if she asked politely I would move but I do not answer to a horn.  They run them as fast as they can in a crowd.  The children on this cruise have been very polite.

We hit the crows nest for the scenic sailaway and happy hour.  Glad I brought my binoculars.  Right on the river back in the grass we had a naked couple having fun on a sunny day.  I pointed and the man behind yelled yup buck naked out there.  We also saw a herd of bunnies, big fat ones living down by the locks.  They were cute and all over the clover and grass.

Dinner was good.  I can’t say that I was really that hungry.  We had the Dive In for lunch which was a big ole fat burger and lots of cheese from Holland at the sail away.

The show was ABBA – Fab.  They were good and did all of ABBA’s hits.

Sweet dreams from the MS Veendam in the North Sea.



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