Our first drizzily then clear day in Scotland

August 1, 2014  Invergordon, Scotland

Chance of rain, 60 degrees sunset 9:33pm

Invergordon is a deep water port near the entrance of Cromarty Firth.  Inverness is the capital of the Highlands, and home of the Loch Ness Monster.  The Cromarty Firth is known today for the repair of North Sea oil rigs the dot the harbor.  There were a few in for repair and one actually being worked on.

Scotland is a beautiful place.  There are rolling green hills, lots of grazing sheep, magnificent Highland cows (much different looking than our cows), crystal blue water, castles and fresh air.  We had an overcast day with some sprinkles in the mornings.  To the Scotsman, this was a nice summer day!

Last trip we took a tour, so this time we stayed in town.  It is a small town with friendly people.  They had a free internet place that mom and I went in to do some updating which turned out to be a betting parlor.  We could only stay if we placed a bet, so we left.  We did buy 15 litres of water.  What a haul to bring back to the ship.

It was traditional fish and chips for lunch today.  Not quite.  If they cooked and served them right there, it would have been good.  They were in a covered pan to keep them warm so they were all soggy.  Mom and I had hotdogs and dad went for the cheese bar and had a selection with some rolls.

At 3:00pm we had a Scottish Music Show.  They had an accordion player  who started the show and sang.  He was very good.  Mom used to play the accordion in school.  She yearned for the old days.  She once played at Carnegie Hall.  She really enjoyed it.  Next were the Highland Dancers and then a bagpiper.  They ended with Auld Lang Syne which was written by a Scotsman.

All aboard was 4:30pm so we headed on deck.  A drum and bagpipe group came down the pier player for us as we cast off our lines.  They played Amazing Grace and it was beautiful.  The clouds were amazing over the farmlands as we left with the sun coming out behind it.

Dinner was good.  It was an evening for fish.  It was peppercorn encrusted and since mom and I asked for it without, the chef prepared it fresh so it was piping hot.  The show tonight was strange.  It was a female magician.  Would not see her again.  She kept tripping over her props or getting caught up in them.  For a long voyage our entertainment has not been up to par.  We have a fantastic cast and have seen them 4 times and 1 show was a repeat.

Good night from the quiet MS Veendam.



One thought on “Our first drizzily then clear day in Scotland

  1. I am so enjoying reading about your trip! We are going next year, and it can’t come soon enough! Sorry to hear that the entertainment is not up to snuff. Have you gone to any port lectures? How have they been? Enjoy the 2nd half of your cruise!

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