Sea Day

July 31, 2014  Sea Day

Partly Cloudy  64 degrees, sunset 9:18

It is a sea day and we are bobbing around in the North Sea.  At times it seems like we are standing still.  We turned back the clocks last night so awake about 7:30; up and out about 8:15.  Breakfast was half an omelet and French toast hot off the grill.  I did not like the way the first omelet guy made my omelet.  He is new on the station and does not know how to flip.  Instead he tries to roll them so you have raw egg and cooked egg together.  He adds cheese to the raw eggs which are not cooking solid.  This is the second day I got him.  Last time I left to get juice and mine was done.  When I cut into it, no cheese and too soft for me.  So today I watched him.  He rolled and plated.  That went to the discarded food area and I went to the other side for  a good omelet.  Before we left, I talked to one of supervisors and explained the problem.  We will see how the omelet station goes tomorrow.  I hope they put back the happy guy who sings to us.  I can’t think of his name right now.

We had to get our passport stamped today by the UK Officials.  So that was the next agenda item for the day followed by slots and a culinary class.

For lunch today we wanted some avocados and toast.  Well rolls would due.  I saw Julio our culinary chef and asked if they had any ripe ones.  He took about 10 minutes out of his day and went downstairs and requisitioned a couple.  He brought them up to me nicely cubed.  What a great lunch.

It was also the day they made the little Dutch pancakes on deck.  They are about the size of a half dollar.  They were great.  Some we had with  sugar and some with jam.

The rest of day was reading (aka napping) out at the pool.  Mom and I did manage to share a 4:00pm hot dog.  Tonight is formal night and nothing looked to appealing so we induldged.

Dinner is land and sea, with is a filet and jumbo prawns. I had a wonderful pork chop with cherries and raisins and sweet corn polenta.  It was wonderful.

We have a repeat cast show tonight, Bob Mackie Broadway.  It is at 9:30pm so we will see.  Ours dinners are pretty short.  Peter does not drag it out.

Sweet dreams from the MS Veendam sailing towards Scotland.


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