Beautiful Heimaey Iceland

August 5, 2014 Heimaey, Iceland

Partly Cloudy, 52 degrees sunset 10:05pm

Translating to  ‘Home Island’, Heimany if the largest island in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago (Western Islands) of Iceland.  The population is about 4,000 people and most live off of the fishing industry.  This is also where over eight million Puffins residing here during mating season.  The island was the temporary home of Keiko the whale from the Free Willy films, who was flown here shortly before being set free.

We missed this port in 2011.  So glad we made it this year.  It is a big town.  The weather was chilly but we had some sun. The tender ride over was short and easy.  We left early since tours were about 10:00am and got right out.  The priority tendering for 4, 5 and suites works quite well.

They have 3 fish tanks at the dock with benches built around them.  There were quite a few fish in them.  People were saying they were arctic char, trout, haddock etc.  Don’t know what they were but bet I have had one for dinner!

We wandered all around town and found a Bakari and coffee house bar.  So from the Bakari we got a piece of caramel apple cake and hot chocolate at the coffee house.  They had free internet so I got caught up.  There were lots of places to use internet here.  But we never skip the chance for a good hot chocolate after wandering around in the chilly air.

Next it was up to the park and then across to the lava bed.  I climbed up to the top of the lava bed.  It was beautiful and you could see forever.  Mom and dad choose not to climb up.  We also found the remains of a house that was taken out in the 1973 eruption.  It was all very interesting.

We headed back to the ship about 2:15 or so and had lunch.  Mom and I read and did Sudoku’s most of the afternoon by the pool while dad sat and chatted with other people and almost watched a fist fight.  Seemed some man elbowed a lady out the way to get on a tour bus before her this morning and she and her husband did not take too kindly to it this afternoon.  Guess it got pretty heated.

The Prinsendam was in port today.  They docked and have to wait until we leave to get out.  They will be late.  Tonights dinner is stuffed cabbage with vegetable beef soup. Guess what was on the dessert menu….Whoopie Pies!  Our show tonight is finally a cast show.  It was good.

We have an early tour tomorrow so sweet dreams from the slightly rocking MS Veendam.



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