Reykjavik, Iceland (overnight)

August 7, 2014 Reykjavik, Iceland (overnight)

Cloudy, 55 degrees sunset 9:11pm (ha)

Well, it was our second day in Reykjavik.  It was actually a nice one.  Sunny, then cloudy, no rain but some wind.  They do say wait 10 minutes if you do not like the weather, and it is true.  Up about 8:15am and fresh hot French toast and half an omelet was our breakfast.  Next up on the agenda was getting the blog done.

They had 20 minutes of free internet at the info center, then, you had to pay.  I could download my info there but not my pictures, to many people.  One of the gentlemen on our tour yesterday said it was free at the ferry.   You just needed the password which happens to be the name of the company.  There was a young man inside and all you had to do is ask him.  So mom and I bought a hat pin for dad and coasters at the shop and then walked across to the ferry office.  I sat outside and downloaded some pictures and once the wind came up, I went in.  There is one table and 2 chairs.  I got caught up to part 1 of the tour pics before my battery ran out.  I was happy and saved some ISK.  (Icelandic money).  I still had some coins left and you cannot turn them back in so I bought an Icelandic candy bar.  It has not been opened yet.

Stopped at the Dive In for lunch and dad and I got the grilled chicken sandwich with gouda cheese and bacon.  They were made fresh and yummy.  It was rocky road ice cream day too, so a scoop in a small cone.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing Sudoku’s and reading.  All aboard was 4:30 pm.  We had a beer and fish and chip sail away.  The fish was hot and crisp so we got a small plate to munch on.  We were to leave about 5:00pm.  The Captain came on to tell us about the evening weather.  The ship had a headwind hitting the bow at 30 to 35 knots. That creates a problem in getting the ship away from the dock.  He said we would give it a try with the tug and see what happens.  Well what happened was that tug could not push away against the power of the wind so back to the dock we floated and tied up.  Our Captain came on to tell us a second tug will be here in about 30 minutes and they will try to pull us out.  There is a jetty in front of the ship that we must clear. 

The second tug arrived and they tied one up to the bow (front) and one to the stern (back) and pulled as the Captain had the side thrusters going.  The wind sock on the jetty showed the wind was full blown against us.  Those little tugs worked and worked and got us out.

The Captain did tell us batten down the hatches and not leave anything out that could slide off a shelf.  He did let everyone know sea sick pills were available at the front desk.  That means the barf bags will probably be out and green apples and crackers will also be out.  I think it means I will rock to sleep like a baby.

Dinner tonight was good as always, baked potato soup and veal tenderloin and dessert was vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and macadamia nuts.  What a treat, at dinner tonight a Minke Whale came playfully swimming by us. Tonight we have a Comedian, Derrick Cameron. 

So hold on tight as we rock to sleep on the swaying MS Veendam.


Tugs getting in place

Tugs getting in place

Tugs pulling the bow

Tugs pulling the bow

Tugs pulling the stern

Tugs pulling the stern


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