Sea Day

August 8, 2014 Sea Day

Partly Cloudy, 55 degrees, sunset 9:33pm

We got another hour back last night.  We did not rock and roll much last night but we are moving this morning.  We went to formal breakfast this morning to see Peter.  Have to say I like the lido breakfast better in the morning.  The food is hotter and I can see what is fresh.  We had corned beef hash and eggs and some fresh pineapple.  It was good but tomorrow we will be back in the Lido.

Hit the casino on the way home from breakfast we did ok.  Got ours papers and headed home.

Dad is on his way to the 1:00 pm movie.  Not sure what we will do.  No culinary today.  Looks like reading and napping may be the name of the game today.

It is formal night.  Dinner will be jumbo shrimp, chicken satay and veal.  Maybe tonight will be the chocolate chip soufflé.  Hope so.

Entertainment tonight is Forbidden Broadway. It is a Broadway show that has been modified for the ship.  It is not our cast so it should be interesting.  It was described as Broadway meets Saturday Night Live.  It is all parodies of Broadway shows.

I came home early from show.  Lots of people liked it.  After Annie and Lion King I got bored, so I  came back to the cabin to read my book.  It is getting good. 

Time to rock to sleep, because tomorrow is an early morning on the MS Veendam.

Mom and dad in shirts from Kayla

Mom and dad in shirts from Kayla

Peter our server

Peter our server


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