Sea Day

August 11, 2014 Sea Day

Partly cloudy, 54 degrees  sunrise 5:05am  sunset 8:40 pm

We turned the clocks back one half hour last night since we are heading to Newfoundland.  It was a lazy day.  Mom and I shared an omelet and fresh French toast hot off the grill for breakfast and she had her raisin bran and granola.  I spent the morning downloading pictures and editing them.

They had another tour to the provisions area and laundry today.  We did not go since we went last time.  There were quite a few people waiting to be taken down.

This afternoon there was a passenger talent show.  They were all very good.  Two women sang songs, one man did a song from Fiddler, a couple danced the cha-cha, an 11 yr old boy played the piano, an 11 year old girl sang an Adele song and an 11 year old girl did some Irish dancing.  The sign up was at 10am and the show was at 3pm.

Mac and cheese is on the menu for dinner along with corn soup.  Some interesting options.

Our show tonight is Forbidden Broadway again.  This is the other half of their show with different parodies than before.

We have a slight roll going on so we should sleep well.  Good night from the slightly rolling, MS Veedam.


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