Sea Day ( our last one!)

August 14, 2014  Sea Day

Partly Cloudy, sunrise 5:17am  sunset 7:52 pm

Last night we got a half hour back so now we just need one more hour before Boston.  We were up about 8:00am.  This morning was the Fiddlin Flapjack Breakfast.  The entertainers from last night were out by the pool with their fiddles and guitars playing while everyone was eating pancakes.  We went inside for an omelet and fresh hot of the griddle French toast.  Yum, I am going to miss that. 

At 9:00, it was Good Morning Veendam.  This morning it was Q&A with the Sr Staff.  It was the Captain, Hotel Mgr, Staff Captain, Chief Engineer and the Environmental Officer.  We had been advised in Norway that there was some chatter of terrorist attacks.  We found out today that they had put one of the loud sonic boom blasters out at the back of the ship just in case it was needed. It was very interesting and good questions were asked.

The rest of the day was spent reading, pre packing and just plain old being lazy.  Mom and I finished our books and returned them.  We hit happy hour to finish off our drink cards.

Dinner was formal which meant lobster for dad and rack of pork for mom and I.

Our show was Encore and of course was great.  This is one of the best shows Holland has.

We are rocking and rolling tonight on the MS Veendam.


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