They are kicking us off the ship….I am not ready to go home

August 16, 2014  Boston, Massachusetts

Well this fantastic trip has come to an end.  We are not slated to leave until 9:30 am so we headed to breakfast about 7:30 or so.  One last omelet and raison roll to be eaten through the tears!  Can’t believe we have to get off today.  Our poor room stewards want our room, so about 9:00 we went to sit out on the couches by the gangway.  Interesting spot.  Two cattle call lines forming into one to get off the ship.  Some are in a hurry, others are not so some tempers flare.

Interesting side note…When you get to a day or two before the trip ends, all civility goes out the window.  Couples are arguing, people are line cutting and many pleasantries are gone.  Kind of funny to watch the metamorphosis. 

We were in no hurry as our flight did not leave Boston until 5:25 pm.  Once the line ended, we made our way kicking and screaming to the gangway.  Bruce, our Cruise Director, was there telling everyone goodbye and giving us all a Holland America Line hat/lapel pin.  It was a nice surprise.

Since we went through Border check prior to Bar Harbor you only had to hand a custom form to a man at the bottom of the gang way.  No passports required.  It was really fast.  Then grab your luggage and go.

They taxi line was extremely long.  Last time the city offered a free bus and they did again this time and only about 14 of us were on it.  If there is a big yellow bus opposite the taxi line check it out.  The driver puts your luggage underneath and gets it out for you.  It is a free bus service and all you have to do it tip him.

Thank goodness Logan airport has free internet.  We finally checked in at 1:25pm.  Headed through security and this security gave me a free pass again.  Stamped it as expedited and I went right through.  No shoes off, nothing.  They did snag both of our backpacks since we had the big things of cheese in them.

Flights were uneventful (thank goodness) and we got home about 9:00pm.  It was a long day.  Now it is back to reality.  The worst part is now having to know what day it is and what time it is.  I tend to lose my days on a ship.  It is more port or sea day not Monday or Tuesday.

Overall, this was a fantastic cruise.  The weather and ports were amazing.  The seas were calm; at times you did not even know you were on a ship.  The ship’s crew were as sweet as ever and I will miss them, especially Peter, our dining steward.  We have never had a dining steward like him before.  He spoiled us all.  We had the best Captain (Eric van der wal) and the best crew.  They were definitely a positive reflection of the Captain.

With that, I say thanks for coming along with us.  We totally enjoyed and if you have the opportunity to go on the Voyage of the Vikings, take it!!!


One thought on “They are kicking us off the ship….I am not ready to go home

  1. Absolutely the best cruise blog! Really enjoyed following along and appreciate your time and efforts into making such a readable, fun blog with outstanding photos!

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